About DLC Clear Trust Mortgages

DLC Clear Trust Mortgages

Clear Trust Mortgages has an established mortgage relations with over 30 lenders in BC and Across Canada. We have relationships with banks, credit union, trust companies, private lenders and individual investors.

Our membership with CAAMP allows us to provide our clients with insights provided by Mortgage Advocacy Group

We know obtaining a mortgage is more complex than ever, we pride ourselves in education and keeping up with the latest mortgage trends so that our clients and our partners can make decisions effectively

Our relationships with our partners ensures that are clients benefit from the experience and reputation when dealing with Clear Trust  Mortgages. 

Our team of Agents ensures that our clients receive the same sound advice and choices from our different lending partners.


My name is Dennis Eng and I’ve been a mortgage broker for 10 years. I am expert in mortgages. My experience ranges from working with First Time Home Buyers to Real Estate Investors and Business Owners. I am licensed in BC and I have a team of highly skilled mortgage brokers who have over 30 years experience. I’m highly skilled in selecting the correct mortgage for your borrowing situation; regardless if you are a first time home buyer or a sophisticated property investor I can help.