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Who We Are?

My name is Dennis Eng and Mortgage Expert with Clear Trust Mortgages and  , a licensed mortgage broker for the past 10 years. I have been been providing mortgage services for the last 10 years. I work with self employed individuals and I understand the work it takes to run a successful business. And I understand how difficult it is to get a mortgage when you are self employed. The good news is , I’m here to work with you to get your mortgage approved!

Who we work with?

I work with Professionals, Renovation contractors, Commissioned sales agents, Realtors, Finance professionals, Real estate investor, business owners and entrepreneurs to get you approved for your financing!

Lenders we work with


Why work with us!

  1. We  time to understand your complex business structure so your purchase or refinance application is processed without issues.
  2. We know how important home ownership is to you and your family. We will work towards that goal.
  3. We understand that you are self employed and you are in business for yourself. We bring clarity to your application so our lenders to get you approved. 
  4. We provide you with choice. We are networked with all the lenders; Banks, credit union, alternative lenders and private lenders 
  5.  We will review all of your documents and credit and spend time with you before we present it to the lender.
  6. We will provide you with a customized mortgage solution to ensure your self employed application gets approved.

Don’t Believe us: Here from our clients

Our Services

The biggest benefit to working with an experienced mortgage broker is they can shop a number of lenders to help with your mortgage requests. Whether you are looking to buy your first home or your next commercial property you have come to the right place. We work with all types of credit, income and property requests. The services listed below are the most common requests among our clients. 

At Clear Trust  Mortgages, we have access to lenders that can work with your lending requests. Our lenders can work with your credit and income to get you approved for your financing request.  We work with banks, credit union, trust companies, and private lenders. 

  • We work with all types of incomes, including bank statements and invoices
  • Our lenders are not credit score driven, but the best rates are for the most qualified.
  • We work with all property types; condos, townhomes and detached homes.

First Time Home Buyer

Are you in the market for your first home and you have been self employed for a min of 1 year, we can help!

Your Experience Counts

As a self employed borrower, your savings, past experience, and excellent credit will be keys to obtaining a great rate on your purchase!
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Are you looking for funds from your current home and investment properties?


We work the major banks and other lenders to provide you with maximum financing for your refinancing request. Our lenders can offer you Home Equity Lines of Credit and 2nd mortgages.
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Buying an investment property can be a great opportunity. Rent your current home to purchase a new home!

Create Passive Income

An investment property can create a profitable opportunity secured by real estate. When done the right way, it can create passive income for you and your family.


Take advantage of lower interest rates and lender refinance programs and consolidate your payments into one lower monthly payment.

Boost your Credit Score

The greatest benefit to debt consolidation is you will experience a higher credit score. 35% of your credit score is based on your usage of credit. Refinancing your debt will increase your credit score within months of reporting.


Preserve your own cash and finance your next equipment purchase by leasing and or arrange short term financing for your next expansion.

Funding Sources that work with your business

We work with relatively new business and established business to access the capital to grow your business. Contact us today to receive a quote.
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Do you need Financing for your next commercial project. We work with commercial banks and private lenders.

Commercial Options

We take pride in creatively structuring commercial mortgages outside the typical restricted conventional parameters. We will consider Construction and Land Financing along with Owner Occupied and Investment Property financing.
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You don’t pay unless our mortgage is approved. We either receive a fee from the lender or we are compensated by charging the client a fee.

Yes, We provide a free no obligation review of your mortgage application and we will tell you how much you can qualify for your financing.

Complete our prequalification form or connect with me on Facebook and I will forward my contact number or email address so you can discuss your application in confidence.

Yes. We do. I personally will do them or I engage our Commercial financing partner.

6 months. However, there is a caveat, you must be employed previously in the same profession before seeking self employment. Borrowers should be able to demonstrate earnings similar or if not greater than they have performed in the past.
Absolutely, you can find updates on this site and my personal site.
Yes, absolutely! We use email and phone and we can even screen share the information.
We work with lenders that issue preapprovals. However, each application is unique and will depend on the lender’s comfort level with your application.

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We are located in Vancouver BC, 15 minutes from North Vancouver, 15 minutes from Burnaby, 20 minutes from New Westminster and 45 minutes from Surrey.

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